Just the FAQs

What is DarkSun Studio?

Read all about it! TL;DR: I sell my art and stuff here.

But Liz, where are the pinups and NSFW art? I know you like 'em!

As it turns out, there are a helluva lot of restrictions on adult content, whether it's hosting it or paying for it legally. Sometimes the definitions of what adult content are so vague as to be kind of useless. (Seriously, what does "(i) certain sexually oriented materials or services" mean, Paypal?)

I am looking into different options, but it ain't that great. For now, pasties and tastefully placed vases might have to be the way to go.

What happened to your other patron system?

It wasn't working the way I wanted to...plus it was more expensive.

Shop Questions

sustainable packaging

I see an "oops" product. What is that?

I globbed up! This usually means that there's something minor that doesn't meet my normal production criteria: oversaturated colors, the cut and trim is wrong, laminate didn't seal correctly, things like that. These usually happen when I'm trying to figure something out, and didn't quite make it.

Oops products are sold as-is, and I don't accept returns or exchanges on them.

Eww, no free shipping! Why don't you offer it?

Shipping. Is. Expensive. The ability to offer free shipping is usually tied to volume, and I do not ship enough to qualify for it.

What about your packaging?

I am working to shift my shipping materials over to more earth-friendly, recyclable options through EcoEnclose.